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Synergy of NMN, Resveratrol and Spemidine. How They All Work Together for Anti-aging?

synergy of NMN spermidine and resveratrol

From the beginning of aging, finding ways to live a long and healthy life has been a goal of humanity. This process is incredibly complex and causes a gradual decline in a wide range of vital physiological systems, which are somehow fueled by NAD+ decline.

Scientists believe a high NAD level in humans is beneficial since it contributes to improved longevity and plays a significant role in disease prevention. That’s why the field of anti-aging medicine is always on the lookout for novel approaches to increased cellular levels of NAD.

Many molecules boost NAD+ levels in the body, including NMN and resveratrol, NR, succinic acid, niacinamide, and apigenin. Also, to reverse the hallmarks of aging, other substances, such as spermidine, are utilized and are proven to be useful.

But can all these molecules work together in synergy?  This article will cover whether these supplements can boost the anti-aging process if administered simultaneously and what results are obtained from studies.

NMN and Resveratrol Synergy.

The effects of NMN and Resveratrol, two chemicals thought to have anti-aging properties, on human health and lifespan have been the subject of much research. Together, they may have synergistic effects on the human body, including a reduction in the rate at which cells age. Meaning that they offer various short-term and long-term health benefits due to their ability to repair cell damage.

Recent 2022 evidence is that NMN and resveratrol significantly boost NAD+ levels in mice’s hearts and skeletal muscles compared to NMN alone. The combination of NMN and resveratrol boosts NAD+ in the heart and muscle by 1.59 and 1.72 times, respectively, compared to NMN only. These findings imply that a combination of NMN and resveratrol could be utilized to treat age-related disorders affecting the heart or skeletal muscle, such as cardiovascular disease and weakness.

Altogether, they have been found to boost cellular energy generation, decrease oxidative stress, prevent age-related disorders like Alzheimer’s and cancer, encourage healthy aging processes like DNA repair, and boost mental acuity.

Red wine, grapes, and some nuts all contain the antioxidant resveratrol. It’s beneficial for enhancing metabolic function, lowering inflammation levels, and protecting cells from free radical damage. And now, NMN helps repair damaged cells, boost total energy, and improve mitochondrial health.

Both NMN and Resveratrol are essential for the activation of sirtuin genes. Sirtuins are NAD+-dependent enzymes that regulate the activities of target proteins, mediate alterations in the metabolic status of cells, and govern age-related diseases such as neurodegeneration, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Resveratrol is viewed as the “accelerator pedal” (raising sirtuin gene activation) and NMN as the “fuel” (increasing NAD+) for sirtuin genes.

People report feeling increased energy after taking either of the two in the short term. Others experience a clearer mind, improved sleep, and glowing skin.


NMN & Spermidine Synergy.

They are both popular anti-aging and longevity substances, but their mechanisms of action differ. Spermidine powder inhibits aging via autophagy, but NMN powder can have anti-aging benefits by increasing NAD+ levels in the body.

According to scientists, there may be synergistic benefits when NMN and spermidine are combined, and this combination might be a potential strategy for enhancing health in elderly people.

Recent research has shown that NMN and spermidine can enhance each other’s anti-aging benefits. Mice given a combination of NMN and spermidine lived longer than those given either substance alone, and their mitochondria performed better. According to another study, NMN may be more efficiently taken up by cells if spermidine is present.

Another research found that when NMN and spermidine were used together, fat digestion improved, and liver inflammation decreased.

Spermidine and Resveratrol Synergy.resveratrol spermidine synergy

Despite the fact that resveratrol and spermidine induce autophagy via separate methods, both drugs promote convergent pathways that ultimately result in autophagy. Simply put, “increased autophagy” indicates that the cell’s cleanup team is working hard. This was proven in the research that it induces autophagy of dead cytoplasts.

For instance, a combination of spermidine and resveratrol was found to increase the longevity of mice, surpassing that of either component alone. Cognitive performance and inflammation were both enhanced in elderly mice treated with a combination of spermidine and resveratrol, according to another study.

Its supplementation promotes longevity and stress resistance and reduces the incidence of age-related disease and loss of locomotor function.

Which one to Choose?

Taking resveratrol, NMN, or both is a personal choice. NAD+ levels fall with age. Hence the older an individual is, the more NMN is required to increase NAD+ levels. Additionally, some individuals take resveratrol for its cardiovascular advantages. We recommend taking both NMN and resveratrol in synergy if you wish to address all nine Hallmarks of Aging simultaneously. Before using NMN or resveratrol, we always recommend consulting with a physician.

Taking NMN and Resveratrol together may be the best choice for those who want to delay the onset of aging and live longer without worry. Alternatively, you might take a supplement that provides both, as many of the top NMN products do. Supplementing with spermidine is a more effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Best time to take Supplements.

According to new research, the optimal timing to consume NMN and resveratrol or spermidine may vary dramatically between age groups.

  • When to take Resveratrol and how much? Taking a supplement like resveratrol at night if you’re young and throughout the day if you’re older maximizes its advantages. Dr. Sinclair considers his daily dosage of 1,000 mg of Resveratrol.
  • When to take NMN, and how much? Young people should take NMN six hours after waking up. The elderly may benefit more from the morning. Studies have shown the health advantages of NMN dosages as low as 250 mg per day and as high as 1,200 mg per day. Dr. Sinclair considers his 1,000 mg/day MNN intake as one of his morning commitments.
  • When to take Spermidine, and how much? In this case, there is no restriction on time and day, but taking them at regular, consistent times of the day is recommended. Studies suggest the intake of 1-6 mg is safe in humans. Dr. David Sinclair said he regularly takes 1 mg of spermidine in the morning with his other anti-aging supplements, such as NMN and Resveratrol.


It is to be kept in mind that when we refer to an anti-aging supplement, we do not mean that it genuinely stops aging. Instead, we mean that a supplement can slow down a certain aging process in a single or several body systems.



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