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Risks and Side effects of Taking NMN

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What are the risks and side effects of NMN supplementation? 

1. No obvious side effects nor adverse events were reported in recent NMN human clinical trials. 

NMN is usually regarded as a safe supplement as demonstrated by multiple human clinical trials with no obvious nor significant side effects. 

  • NMN supplement was shown safe without any side effects with up to 250 mg per day for 10 weeks – 13 postmenopausal women with prediabetes who were overweight or obese. 
  • NMN supplement was shown safe without any side effects with up to 500 mg per day – 10 healthy men between 40 and 60 years old.
  • NMN supplement was shown safe without any side effect with up to 1200 mg per day for 6 weeks – 10 male and 2 female amateur runners between 27 and 50 years old, reported no obvious side effect.

The great majority of investigations on NMN have been conducted in mice and rats, and the vast majority of these studies have proven that NMN has favorable effects on metabolism and liver function, as well as on the skin, muscle, and brain. Improved bone structure, vascular health, reproduction, immune system function, and general longevity have all been reported as additional advantages of the treatment.

2. NMN has no effect on the growth of tumors 

People commonly wonder as to whether NMN may encourage the growth of tumors or the multiplication of cancerous cells. There has never been a study that found a link between NMN supplementation and an increase in cancer risk. According to the findings of the studies, NMN did not promote the growth of tumors that were already existing in mice.

3. NMN supplement can potentially offer minor side effects. 

People who have used NMN supplements have not yet experienced any substantial negative side effects of taking NMN, which is a positive development.

NMN is an intriguing and amazingly adaptable material that has many applications. Researchers are working hard to figure out how NMN behaves in the human body, after the evidence of this molecule’s medicinal potential in animal experiments. A number of recent clinical trials have shown that the molecule is both safe and well tolerated at the levels that have been evaluated.

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