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Regain Your Youth

Based on science, the below timeline summarizes when to expect the supplements to take effect in the body.

Comparison Between DUO and TRIO

Powerful Longevity Synergy

Induction of autophagy by resveratrol requires the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide -dependent deacetylase sirtuin 1 (SIRT1).

Resveratrol and spermidine synergistically induce autophagy.

The Levels of NAD+ In The Body Decreases With Age

Body functions including vision, organs, energy, recovery and metabolism, etc. decline due to diminishing NAD+. 

A graph that depicts the fact that NAD drops as we age_EN
NAD effects on the body in product introduction in English
Photo of Billionaire Li Ka-Shing taken by Forbes

Scientifically Proven Synergy to Combat Aging

The synergy of effective longevity supplements treats all 12 hallmarks of aging.

Rescence Trio Helps You Live Better, Longer

3 Longevity Supplements
Treats All 12 Hallmarks of Aging

The aggregation of genetic damage over the course of a person’s life is a common denominator of aging. Numerous things can have an effect on the integrity of our DNA throughout time. As damage accumulates, an inability to operate properly can result in illness and premature aging.
Telomeres, which are located at the ends of our chromosomes, shrink over time, making cell division more difficult. This very intricate process can result in age-related illness, which is unsurprising.
Our DNA may be chemically transformed both inside and outside, for example, through the foods we eat or through sun exposure. These alterations can influence whether a gene is expressed or not, therefore promoting or inhibiting the creation of the protein for which the gene codes.
Proteostasis ensures that proteins in our bodies are folded correctly, degraded properly, transported properly, and synthesized properly. To conclude, as we age, misfolded proteins accumulate, which can result in a variety of problems, including chronic inflammation.
Nutrient availability and deficiency have a significant impact on how our body works on a molecular level. Over time, excessive metabolic activity can damage our cells and accelerate their aging.
There can’t be many benefits in putting more stress on “the powerhouse of the cell.” And, fact, it isn’t the case. It has been shown that mitochondrial malfunction can actually speed up the pace at which our cells undergo apoptosis – otherwise known as cell death.
As we age, cells that are unable to divide tend to accumulate. They amass and convey signals that may trigger inflammation and lead to the development of a variety of chronic illnesses.
Our stem cells’ activity gradually declines as we age for a variety of reasons. Senescent cells, for example, emit pro-inflammatory signals that inhibit stem cell function and contribute to tissue regeneration loss.
Cells communicate constantly in order to operate properly. As we age, the signaling channels by which our cells interact can get disturbed, resulting in a variety of different types of harm.

This newly added hallmark refers to the deterioration of cells’ capacity to degrade and recycle damaged cellular components. So, as we age, the autophagy process declines, causing a buildup of damaged cells and organelles.

The gut microbiome has emerged as a critical factor in numerous diseases, and it differs with age. Because the immune system’s ability to shape the variety and species members of the microbiome declines with age, the microbiomes of older individuals tend to lose diversity and change in makeup.

Chronic inflammation, also known as inflammaging, has been connected to many age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, gout, and neurodegenerative disorders. Changes in other aging characteristics, such as chromosomal instability and impaired autophagy, can lead to inflammaging.
Eye sight health supported through highly antioxidant ingredients targeted towards eye health

How can NAD+ improve your cellular health?

Boosting NAD+ and longevity
Peak potency Quality and effective source with over 99% purity, 1 g = ~1000 mg
Fast-acting increasing energy levels and improving sleep can be seen in 7 days

PRICE: HK$ 1,468

How would Pure RSV Resveratrol 15000 benefit your well-being?

Peak potency Over 98% trans-resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum, pure resveratrol 1 g = 1000 mg
Synergy with all other Rescence supplements

PRICE: HK$ 688

How powerful is Pure SPD Spermidine 15000 in optimizing your healthspan?

Powerful autophagy combating 6 out of 9 hallmarks of aging
Peak potency Over 1% SPD spermidine from natural wheat germ extract
Boosting healthy hair growth, glowing skin from cellular level

PRICE: HK$ 1,468

Why Choose Rescence?

Effective to boost NAD+ levels and promote longevity. It is of the highest quality with over 99% purity. It is fast-acting yielding increased energy levels and improved sleep within 7 days.

Pure trans-resveratrol from natural source Polygonum Cuspidatum, with over 98% purity. PA4H compliance, unique in the market. It is known to be antioxidant and can activate SIRTUINS and scientifically proven to work synergistically with other Rescence longevity Spermidine.

Effective in combating 12 hallmarks of aging thanks to its powerful autophagy function. Pure SPD Spermidine 15000 yields an exceedingly high potency of 1% SPD Spermidine from the natural wheat germ extract and it promotes healthy skin and hair follicles from the cellular level, strengthening new hair and preventing gray hair.

Quality and Safety

Safe and Reliable quality​

36 months - Highest Stability

◻ Produced in accordance with GMP standards
◻ Quality is independently controlled by the world’s top testing company SGS

◻ Up-to 36-months expiration, the longest on the market
◻ Stable quality 

Safe and Reliable quality​

◻ Produced in accordance with GMP standards
◻ Quality is independently controlled by the world’s top testing company SGS

36 months - Highest Stability

◻ Up-to 36-months expiration, the longest on the market
◻ Stable quality

Pure Essence Powder Without Gelatin Capsule

Highest Purity up to 99%

◻ Easy to adjust dosage according to needs
◻ Avoid the risk of consuming any toxic gelatin
◻ Suitable for vegans; products are free of preservatives, additives and artificial colors

◻ Rescence strives to supply the highest purity of its product type

Pure Essence Powder Without Gelatin Capsule

◻ Easy to adjust dosage according to needs
◻ Avoid the risk of consuming any toxic gelatin
◻ Suitable for vegans; products are free of preservatives, additives and artificial colors

Highest Purity up to 99%

◻ Rescence strives to supply the highest purity of its product type

Customer Usage Survey

We regularly consolidate survey responses from customers; here below the latest update:

Last update on:
Customer responses collected in May 2023
(excluding responses from customers who haven’t tried any product yet.)


NMN customer review photo (3)

"After vigorous exercising, my muscles are surprisingly not sore!"


Usually after hiking, my thighs will definitely have muscle soreness for a few days, especially in the past two years. I have been taking for about two months, and I have hiked twice recently, only to find that my legs are not sore at all, which is very surprising! At first I take it as a placebo; but now I would strongly recommend it to my relatives and friends! (Translated text)

Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Hair loss stopped!"


I heard about spermidine helping with hair loss so I tried. It is really working! I have longer hair without dropping everywhere and I don’t feel the need to cut the hair shorter to minimize hair loss. My skin seems more smooth too.

Yuen Long, Hong Kong

"I chose Rescence products based on the ingredients and product details"


After comparing Rescence to other brands, I have chosen Rescence products based on the ingredients and product details, the lack of capsules is also one reason why I chose Rescence.  Everyday I take both together after breakfast.  I have been taking it for two weeks. I feel that I am not easily tired and my energy level is much better. I have recommended my friends to purchase the products too. I would take Rescence for the long term particularly if the price can be even cheaper.

Hong Kong

"SGS is trustworthy"


There are many suppliers in the market that use an unknown Micro Quality Lab for product qualification. Your quality control and product safety are SGS, a world-renowned verification company that our company used to work with, so I know that your products are relatively reliable, and I feel more assured to consume or to get for my family.

North Point, Hong Kong

"My complexion appears to be more even"


I have been taking both (4 scoops each) since the beginning of January. Recently, I feel that my complexion seems noticeable even. In addition, I previously noticed that the bags under my eyes have changed to two layers (probably because of my age). The eye bags seem to have improved also, I will continue to take the products and see what other changes there are. (Translated text)

Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Resveratrol review photo

"No capsule, good!"


I bought your supplement, it’s good that it’s not mixed in cheaper vitamins in capsules with beige powder. (Translated text)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Pure White Powder"


Because there are many fake products on the market, it took me a long time to find the product that is of white powder without adding any other ingredient.

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

"Lost body fat"


I lost 1.5 kgs after 3 months. I look more lean also on my tummy so I think it’s body fat as I still seem to have my muscles. I naturally diminished appetite and I learnt that it’s autophagy kicking in. I will continue to take

Central, Hong Kong

Scientifically Proven Synergy To Combat Aging

Read this article to learn more about the synergy

Rescence Trio Pure NMN, Pure RSV and Pure SPD

Share Excellent Healthspan and Long Lifespan With Your Loved Ones!

Rescence Longevity Supplements


Boosting NAD+ and longevity
Peak potency Quality and effective source with over 99% purity, 1 g = ~1000 mg
Fast-acting increasing energy levels and improving sleep can be seen in 7 days


Peak potency Over 98% trans-resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum, pure resveratrol 1 g = 1000 mg
Synergy with all Rescence longevity supplements.


Powerful autophagy combating all 12 hallmarks of aging
Peak potency Over 1% SPD spermidine from natural wheat germ extract
Boosting healthy hair growth, glowing skin from cellular level

Frequently Asked Questions

NMN is most effective when taken in the morning and can be ingested with water or food. NMN, boosting NAD+, has an impact on the circadian rhythm – the ingestion of NMN supplement should happen during the day and within six hours after being awake.

Bioavailability of resveratrol is higher on an empty stomach (8 hours of fasting) and when taken in the morning due to the influence of the circadian rhythm.

Spermidine is most effective when taken in the morning at the same time every day and recommended to ingest along with food to enhance their absorption .

As a David Sinclair, the longevity genetic expert and Harvard professor, has been using NMN over a decade. He dissolves the white powder form of NMN and resveratrol in either Greek yogurt or organic cold press olive oil before ingestion every morning.

Rescence Laboratory team unanimously prefers a tasty savory treat dissolving the Rescence Pure NMN and Pure Resveratrol in a teaspoon of organic cold press olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar first thing in the morning, in their salad (for those who are not doing intermittent fasting!)

The suggested dose for adults between the ages of 30 and 60, based on the results of effectiveness and safety studies in humans and animals, as well as calculations of optimal NMN doses, is 500 mg per day. People over the age of 65 can safely take 750 mg of NMN per day to get the most out of the supplement.

NMN to Support Skin Health: Study indicated that 250–300 mg of NMN per day may help protect and heal sun-damaged skin.

NMN to Improve Muscular Function: study found that taking 250 mg of NMN daily for 12 weeks improves muscular function in males over 65. The same dosage for 10 weeks also showed an increment in insulin sensitivity and women’s muscles.

NMN to Uphold Cardiovascular Health: Researchers are conducting a clinical trial to determine the effect of NMN on cardiovascular and metabolic health when given 250 mg daily.

NMN to Support Fertility: study demonstrated that a low dose of 350 mg per day in a 50 kg person NMN restored fertility, more than 1,400 mg per day did not demonstrate benefit, suggesting an appropriate human dosage is between 350 mg to 1,500 mg per day.

NMN to Boost Metabolism: According to the results of scientific research , 1,000 mg of oral NMN supplement per day can enhance NAD+ metabolism in healthy middle-aged and older individuals.

Renowned anti-aging genetic research Harvard professor Dr. David Sinclair has said in a recent interview that he himself takes powder form 1,000 mg of NMN daily in addition to 1,000 mg of resveratrol without seeing any harmful effects for over a decade.

NMN’s safety and efficacy are also being investigated in other clinical trials registered with the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are no definitive studies demonstrating that NMN has adverse effects at regularly used levels (up to 1,000 mg per day), and the elevated NAM associated with such concentrations is unlikely to pose a substantial health concern.

It is prudent to avoid doses of more than 1,000 mg per day if using oral capsules, as these dosages result in significant increases in NAM and may create methylation problems for certain individuals.

The bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of resveratrol depend on the doses ingested, the concomitant ingestion of food matrix, the particle size, the gut microbiota, and the circadian variation. Check out this article about the dosage.

The research findings suggest that a repeated and moderate administration of resveratrol is better than the administration of a single, higher dose. A safe and efficient dose is 1,000 mg (1 g) up to 5 g per day.

Spermidine is a powerful compound that stimulates autophagy and also have stabilizing effects on the epigenome. The highest dose tested in humans was 6mg once daily, and that was in a single study. Up until now, 1-6mg of spermidine per day has been the standard for the majority of investigations.

Professor of anti-aging genetics at Harvard, Dr. David Sinclair, stated in a recent interview that he takes 1 mg of spermidine on a regular basis.

Spermidine for hair growth. The study indicated that spermidine supplementation of 0.5 mg can support hair growth and strength.

Spermidine for cardiovascular health. According to a research, use of spermidine supplement of 4 mg/daily for 8 weeks reduces the risk of hypertension, heart failure, and other cardiovascular issues.

Spermidine to support cognitive function. A study indicates that the dosage of 1.2 mg of spermidine for 3 months reduced age-related cognitive decline and risk of Alzheimer’s.

Spermidine to slow down aging. One study found a connection between higher spermidine consumption from dietary sources such as supplements and improved human survival rates.

Spermidine for post covid vaccination. Another current human study uses proven ways to investigate if older people may safely take a daily spermidine supplement after having a SARS-CoV-2 booster injection.

NMN supplement was shown safe without any side effect with up to 1200 mg per day for 6 weeks – 10 male and 2 female amateur runners between 27 and 50 years old, reported no obvious side effect.

People who have used NMN supplements have not yet experienced any substantial negative side effects of taking NMN, which is a positive development.

Not enough studies are conducted on humans in preventing or suppressing cancer cells. It is always advised to consult physicians prior to taking any supplements. 

Resveratrol is well tolerated and generally considered safe without toxic side effects up to 5 grams. Everyone may experience different adverse effects if any. Check out this article for findings on the side effects.

Always consult with your physician before adding or removing any supplement.

Because spermidine occurs naturally in the human body, it is believed to be fully safe. Researches have proven that the supplement has no negative side effects. 

In accordance with Section 20l(s) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA has determined that spermidine-rich wheat germ extract is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). 

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