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Pure Resveratrol 15000

✔ Anticancer and anti-inflammation, potent antioxidant for the skin and body functions
✔ Boost the effects of NMN and activate Sirtuins
✔ Positively support heart neural, skin health, fertility and weight etc.

▪ The only pure resveratrol powder (Polygonum Cuspidatum) in Hong Kong, no gelatin capsule nor mixing in other ingredients
▪ Total 15000mg of pure trans-resveratrol Dr. David Sinclair uses resveratrol powder

▪ Highest purity >98%, the longest quality stability for 36 months
▪ Safe and reliable, GMP production, quality certified by SGS
▪ The only resveratrol product complies to PAHs (European stringent regulations on carcinogenic content)


״ GMP pure resveratrol powder like what David Sinclair described ״

Harvard Professor Is 30 Years Younger as He Daily Takes 1g of NMN and Resveratrol

In a recent podcast interview hosted by neuroscientist and professor Dr. Andrew Huberman of Stanford University, anti-aging science authority Dr. David Sinclair revealed that he ingests 1,000 mg of NMN and 1,000 mg of resveratrol every morning for over a decade. He is famously known for being 30 years younger than his age, aesthetically and biologically speaking, through lifestyle intervention and supplementation.

Poster showing Dr David Sinclair and the podcast topic about reversing aging

Dr. David Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O.

Harvard Medical School: Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research

What is Resveratrol in English

Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

Safeguard body functions, from neuroprotective to anticancer

Resveratrol Benefits in English
Free Radical Damages to the Body
Chronic Inflammation Damage to the Body in Chinese
Comparison of Rescence Resveratrol versus other products in English


GMP and Safe Quality by SGS

Image showing the certifications and information applicable to Rescence nutraceutical products

Highest Stability 36 months​

Image badge showing Pure Resveratrol 15000 quality is stable up to 36 months EN

1 gram=1,000 mg 98% Purity

Pure Grade, No Other Ingredient, No Addictives; Suitable for Vegans

Pure Resveratrol Powder No Capsule


HK$ 344 for 1 (after discount)
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"My complexion appears to be more even"


"Pure White Powdered NMN and Resveratrol"


"SGS is trustworthy"

An image titled FAQ for Resveratrol

Resveratrol products maybe shown with a specific number: 6000, 9000, 10000, 15000 or 18000. For Rescence, Pure Resveratrol 15000 and Pure NMN 15000 represent the exact strength of the active ingredient trans-resveratrol (98% purity) or NMN (99% purity) in each product. As both are in pure powder form, 15000 means 15000 mg of trans-resveratrol and 15000 mg of NMN (1 g = 1,000 mg). 

Consumers should be aware that this is not applicable for all brands. Some brands may not show how much milligram of resveratrol or NMN in each capsule due to minimal content and some would add up the milligrams of multiple ingredients to package under NMN 18000 for example. while the actual strength of NMN is less than what is made believe.

At Rescence, we value integrity. We recommend that whether it’s for supplements or food, always check the label to see no inferior ingredient is mixed in to support your wonderful longevity journey!

The below list shows the dosages used in recent human trials:

Oral intake of 25 mg of resveratrol revealed that it has extremely low bioavailability.

75 mg was given to type 2 diabetes patients with improved neurovascular coupling capacity and improved cognitive performance.

270 mg was given to overweight, obese or postmenopausal people with improved flow-mediated dilatation.

80 mg and 282 mg were given to overweight or obese subjects with improvement in mitochondrial capacity, fat oxidation stimulation.

250-500 mg of trans-resveratrol showed improvement in cerebral blood flow in healthy subjects.

In a meta-analysis of the effects of resveratrol on glucose control and insulin sensitivity, doses ranging from 8 to 1,500 mg/day and durations ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months were used; these studies included patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, obesity, or metabolic syndrome, as well as healthy volunteers.

Resveratrol at a high dose (1,000 mg twice daily) was administered for up to one year in patients with mild to severe Alzheimer’s disease and 500 mg three times daily for six months in individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The first dose for exercise capacity was 500 mg twice daily for one week, followed by 1,000 mg twice daily for the remaining three weeks.

A continuous intake of moderate dosage 450 mg – 1000 mg / 1 g renders positive health effects associated with oxidative stress and inflammation.

5,000 mg / 5g of resveratrol was given to patients of Friedreich ataxia for 12 weeks showing improvement in neurologic function, audiology and speech measures as well as oxidative stress marker plasma.

500 mg, 1000 mg, 2,500 mg, and 5,000 mg were given to 40 healthy volunteers for 29 days resulting in a reduction of cancer risk. The highest reduction was observed with a 2,500 mg / 2.5 g dosage.

People have varying tolerances for resveratrol, and there is no universally advised amount. People should see their physician determine the dose that is both safe and useful for their body.

Resveratrol is generally considered safe with few obvious side effects. A safe and efficient dose is 1000 mg / 1 g up to 5000 mg / 5 g per day. Clinical research demonstrates that consuming resveratrol in amounts up to 5 g per day is medically safe, while over 2.5 g per day is likely to cause stomach side effects such as cramps, flatulence, nausea, and more.

Dr. Sinclair has said in a recent interview that he himself takes 1,000 mg of NMN daily in addition to 1,000 mg of resveratrol without seeing any harmful effects for over a decade. 

Bioavailability of resveratrol is higher on an empty stomach (8 hours of fasting) and when taken in the morning due to the influence of the circadian rhythm.

Dr. David Sinclair, the longevity genetic expert and Harvard professor, has been using NMN over a decade. He dissolves the white powder form of NMN and resveratrol in either Greek yogurt or organic cold press olive oil before ingestion every morning.

Resveratrol requires the fat source to ingest along hence the dissolution in Greek yogurt or in olive oil prior to oral intake. 

n general, if a person consumes resveratrol in small doses over a short period of time, they will not suffer any negative effects. However, with daily dosages of 2.5 g or more, the following adverse effects may occur:

One participant in a 2016 study got fever and cytopenia (low blood cell count) when consuming 1.5 g resveratrol per day for 6 months.

When taken orally: Resveratrol is commonly found in modest levels in foods. When used orally in quantities of up to 1500 mg daily for up to three months, resveratrol supplements may be safe. For 2-6 months, higher dosages of up to 2000-3000 mg daily have been used successfully. These greater dosages, however, are more likely to induce gastrointestinal trouble.

Skin Application: Resveratrol may be safe to take for up to 30 days.

Nasal Spray: Resveratrol is possibly safe when used for up to 4 weeks.


In those with bleeding problems, resveratrol may decrease blood coagulation and increase the risk of bleeding.

Resveratrol has the potential to mimic estrogen. If anyone has a disease that might be exacerbated by estrogen exposure like breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids, they avoid using resveratrol. Women having a history of estrogen-sensitive malignancies, such as breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers, should avoid resveratrol supplements until more is known about its estrogenic effect in humans.


Resveratrol has been found interacting with below drugs and effecting their efficacy. A dosage of 1000 mg / 1 g per day or above was reported to inhibit cytochrome P450 thus leading to interactions with many other drugs.

For more information on drugs that resveratrol have interaction with read this summarized article

Yes. All products of Rescence Laboratory manufactures to the guidelines of good manufacturing practices (GMP) with the highest purity (over 98%); in addition, all batches are tested and certified by a third party, world’s leading testing body SGS, to perform quality control tests assuring product quality and safety. 

Every batch of Rescence Pure Resveratrol is tested for the more comprehensive PAHs, PA4H, meeting the stringent European Commission (EC) regulation on the carcinogenic PAHs ( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) while the majority of trans-resveratrol in the market do not meet this standard.  


HK$ 344 for 1 (after discount)
HK$ 688 for 2

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