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Product Review Submission

Rescence Product Review Illustration

Receive a Free Pure NMN 15000 for Your Video Testimony!
Share your first video review; we’ll send you a Pure NMN 15000 if it matches the below requirements! 

  1. Make a video in portrait mode that lasts minimum 30 seconds showing
    1. Your face
    2. Your Rescence product(s)
  1. Answer the below questions in your video 
    1. Which Rescence supplements do you take? 
    2. Why do you choose Rescence? 
    3. For how long have you been using the supplement(s)? 
    4. What benefits do you feel so far?
  1. Send your video to, or via Please state: 
    1. Email address (to verify your previous purchase), 
    2. Your name, 
    3. Phone number, 
    4. Delivery address.

By sharing the elements with us, you agree that we have your consent to adapt the inputs for internal product evaluation and for marketing promotions.

Rescence Product Review Video Example

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