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Compact Digital Scale



Compact and thin digital milligram scale, high precision, perfect for home use and during travels for weighing supplements, medicines, herbs and jewelry in g (gram) , tl (tael), ct (carat) and dwt (deadweight tonnage).


Compact Digital Scale High Precision

As small as 1/3 of a common mobile phone, this digital scale is compact and precise – perfect for measuring Pure NMN 15000 and Pure Resveratrol 15000 powder essence to allow an accurate dosage adjustment based on personal preferences and health objectives.


Ultra thin and hypersensitive load cell sensor is built in the stainless steel platform. With its crystal clear LCD display and tare full capacity, this digital scale instantly reads in whole grams (up to 200 g) to tenths of grams (0.01 g). 60-second auto shut-off.


It is ideal for use to precisely measure the weight of sensitive items such as supplements and gemstones at home or during travels. Measurement unit options: g (gram) , tl (tael), ct (carat) and dwt (deadweight tonnage).


Device 7.3 x 4.1 x 1 cm, 37.1 g/ Box 8 x 5 x 1.5 cm, 44.5 g



  • Do not exceed the scale’s maximum capacity
  • Use scale on a flat surface
  • Powered by one unit of CR2032 battery


  1. Press the [O] key to turn on the scale until “0.0” or “0.00” is displayed
  2. Place the weighing object on the platform
  3. Press the [M] key to switch between measurement units


Tare Weighing
  1. Press the [O] button to turn on the scale
  2. Place the “tare item” on the platform
  3. Press [T] key until until “0.0” or “0.00” is displayed to weigh any object


  1. Press the [O] key to turn on the scale until “0.0” or “0.00” is displayed
  2. Hold the [M] key until “CAL” is displayed, then release the [M] key
  3. Press the [M] key again, the display will show the required calibration weight
  4. Place the object of the required calibration weight on the platform, “PASS” is displayed when the calibration is completed

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.5 cm
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