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NMN supplementation: a fascinating human trial of December 2022.

NMN supplementation

Scientists agree that a high NAD level in humans is advantageous because it supports illness prevention and can even prolong their lifespan. So, those interested in delaying the aging process are always looking for novel strategies to increase NAD levels.

NMN supplementation is one molecule that has been found beneficial. Our bodies convert this naturally occurring molecule to NAD. Intake of NMN has been linked to increased levels of NAD in numerous studies. (1)

NMN supplementation has only been demonstrated to boost NAD levels in animal trials. until now.

NMN Supplementation.

The results of a human clinical trial on the efficacy of NMN conducted by researchers from the United States, China, the Netherlands, and India, were published in the GeroScience Publication (a journal published by the American Aging Association) in December 2022.

The title of the study is A randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, dose-dependent clinical trial of -nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation in healthy middle-aged individuals.

This trial had several objectives:

  • Determine how various doses of NMN supplementation alter NAD concentration.
  • Assess the safety and tolerability of NMN supplementation
  • Evaluating clinical efficacy using several tests and assessment

It was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, dose-dependent, multicenter clinical trial. The medical research study design is the best practice.

In addition, the sample size was significant, with 80 healthy middle-aged (40-65 years old) adults serving as test subjects. These participants were randomized to four distinct groups at random. There are three experimental groups and one placebo control group. The experimental groups were administered 300, 600, or 900 mg of NMN orally once a day.

Sixty days were allotted for the trial. During this period, none of the 80 participants had to quit.

The goals of the study and the tools used were as follows,

  • Safety and tolerability of NMN supplementation. This study investigated NMN supplementation’s safety and potential side effects. Blood, urine, and physical exams were done.
  • NAD levels in the blood. Utilizing a colorimetric NAD test kit, the serum concentrations of both NADH and NAD+ were determined.
  • Walking test. This test was meant to measure endurance and vitality. It was conducted on days zero, thirty, and sixty. On a treadmill, participants recorded their overall walking distance.
  • The Biological age. An algorithm was intended to establish the participants’ “biological age.”
  • Homa index.
  • Sf-36 questionnaire.


The clinical trial was able to identify, based on the assessments given above, how various NMN supplementation dosages the following results came,

  1. NMN Supplementation is Safe:

No one out of the 80 individuals had any irregularities in any of the clinical lab values. The NMN was associated with no adverse effects.

2. Statistically significant increase in NAD levels.

Blood NAD concentrations were found to be significantly higher in all three treatment groups compared to the placebo group. There was only a marginal change in NAD levels between the 600 mg and 900 mg groups.

3. Walking distance was improved. 

All three NMN groups performed significantly better than the placebo group. The 600 mg group’s walking distance improved even farther than the 300 mg group’s.

4. A decline in Biological Age. 

On day 60, the biological age was considerably lower than the baseline in all three experimental groups. The placebo group, meanwhile, showed a dramatic increase in biological aging.

5. Better life and Health Quality. Sf questionnaire for NMN supplementation

Day 60 showed a statistically significant increase in SF-36 ratings across all three experimental groups. They were essentially identical to one another. However, the placebo group did not see a similar improvement in their SF-36 scores.

Taking NMN on a daily basis appears to boost several measures of health, well-being, aging, and stamina. There was a significant uptick in NMN effectiveness between the 300-mg and 600-mg daily doses, but the 900-mg dose did not contribute much to the 600-mg daily dose.


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