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Check out Science for the latest research findings on Calcium, alphaketoglutarate, Fisetin, Quercetin and on longevity!

Ca-AKg, Quercetin and Fisetin FAq

Why do we need to boost Ca-AKG, fisetin or quercetin  level?

Calcium Alpha-ketoglutarate, is a is a stable version of the naturally occurring substance alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG). This compound is making rounds in clinical research and has been found to improve (1)(2)(3), 
1. Increases Bone Density
2. Improves Skin’s Texture. 

3. Slows Down Biological Aging. 
4. Supports Healthy Aging.

Fisetin is best known for its senolytic activity, which allows it to remove senescent cells and increase the lifespan of various organisms. Its research based functions includes, 

  1. Potent Antioxidant(1)
  2. Boosts Brain health. (1)
  3. Improves Bone health(1)
  4. Works as Calorie restriction mimic(1)
  5. Anti Cancer properties(1)

Quercetin is a flavonoid and has antioxidant properties. Numerous health advantages have been ascribed to it, including protection against osteoporosis, lung cancer, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure , neuroprotective properties and cardiovascular disease.

What are the side effects of Ca-KG, Fisetin and Quercetin?

Ca- AKG: Studies with daily dosing of 4.5 grams for up to three years have shown no significant adverse effects by supplementation of Ca-AKG. But precautions must be made for pregnant and lactating women due to lack of evidence as yet.

Fisetin: No information has been identified regarding fisetin’s potential health risks or long-term adverse effects. However, cell or animal investigations have shown no damage to date.

Quercetin: Upto 1000mg of Quercetin has been found safe with no side effects, while above this doage there had been a few indications of mild headahe and tingling. 

In accordance with Section 20l(s) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA has determined that Ca-AKG, Quercetin and is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). However,research is ongoing for fisetin GRAS status

What is the suggested dosage of Ca-AKG, Quercetin & Fisetin? How much does Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair take? 

Many clinical trials incorporated 100mg to 2000mg for thier investigation which is considered safe window for consumption of Fisetin. Same goes for Quercetin’s intake the safe dosage wndow is 500mg to 1000mg. 

In an interview, Harvard professor of anti-aging genetics David Sinclair said he takes 500 mg of quercetin and fisetin daily with yougurt.

For Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG),has been shown in studies of ageing to improve health in old age by as much as 40 percent, mostly by reversing more than 30 markers of age-related frailty. Its maximum recommended safe daily dose of 2g. 

Ca-AKG For Bone health.  The studies showed that a 6 mg Ca-AKG supplement can promote bone strength. 

Ca-AKG for longevity: A recent study of 2021 showed an increase of 8.5 years life in people who consumed 1 mg of Calcium ketoglutarate for 7 months. 

Fisetin for Brain Health: A 100mg dosage of fisetin has been found beneficial for people woth stroke. 

Quercetin For Blood Pressure: In human studies, it has been found that the intake of more than 500 mg of quercetin per day decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 

Quercetin For Muscle Recovery: A 7-day oral supplementation of 1000 mg of quercetin was found to be  be beneficial in recovery time of muscles.

Check out these articles for Fisetin and Quercetin and for Ca-Akg for further dosing advice.

Can we obtain enough Quercetin and Fisetin from food? What are the food sources ?

Many fruits and veggies, including strawberries, scallions, apples, persimmons, kiwis, and grapes, contain Fisetin. Quercetin is found in many citrus fruits, apples, onions, parsley, sage, tea, and red wine.

Learn more about how much in each food contains in this article

Although the natural mount of these substabces is in trace amounts, almost 0.4mg per day for Fisetin, and 10-13mg for Quercetin, prompting many consumers to seek out supplements for them. 

However,human diet contains no Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate and can be synthesised to be chemically similar to AKG found in food. It can be boosted by exercise, fasting, or supplementation.

Where is Rescence Pure Ca-AKG, Fisetin and Quercetin sourced or manufactured?

Laboratories and blending facilities can be located anywhere in the world, but quality with high standards of Fisetin, Quercetin and Ca-AKG are primarily sourced from China and other countries where production is abundant.

Our laboratory is located in Hong Kong with minimum travelling distance from the source to manufacture ensuring the freshness of product while minimizing carbon footprint. 

How to tell if the Ca-AKG, Fistein and Quercetin  is pure?

Natural fisetin supplement is often extract of fruits like strawberries,apples, and onions. The color can range from yellow to off-white.  

While the colors of Ca-AKg and Quercetin are white to off-white according to thier extraction sources. 

In addition, a solid and trustworthy supplier would have the certification to prove the ingredient is free of toxins by internationally recognized testing bodies such as SGS.

When to start taking Ca-AKG, Fisetin, Quercetin Supplement?

Ca-AKG is one of the first steps towards long-term health upkeep and metabolic harm prevention, and it works best when started around 25.

For Fisetin and Quercetin, it is suggested to take them around in 30s as the damage and decline has begun at this and which can be prevented with supplementation. 

How to store Rescence Ca-AKG, Fisetin and Quercetin at home?

Rescence Pure Ca-AKG, Fisetin and Quercetin should be stored tightly inside an opaque container, avoiding direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place below 25°C / 77°F for up to 24 months.

What are the drug interactions of Ca-AKG, Fisetin and Quercetin?

Since all of them are natural compunds, they are generally reported safe for human consumption. 

Even the combination of Fisetin and Quercetin has always been researched and found to be more effective together. 

It is to be kept in mind that supplements and not as a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet. Always consult a medical professional when adding or subtracting any food, supplement or medication. 

Several points are important when choosing a spermidine supplement:

1. Whether the supplement content in mg is clarified per pack or per capsule and without counting other ingredients.

2. Whether the total content of supplement such as Fisetin, Quercetin & Ca-AKG  matches what is claimed on the packaging. 

3. Whether the product is made in a GMP certified facility and not certified by unknown laboratory.

4. Whether the product quality is stable, the longer the expiration date, the more stable the quality is tested for.  

7. Whether it’s in powder form and in white or off white in color. 

8. Whether the packaging is light-proof and not in a transparent bottle or pack.

9. Whether the purity is clarified as the top standard of at least 1% and not anything less 0.3% nor the impossible 100%.Ca

Does Rescence have GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certification?

Yes. Rescence Laboratory manufactures to the guidelines of good manufacturing practices (GMP) , ISO 22000, HACCP and CODEX certified by SGS. 


Does Rescence conduct toxin and microbiological tests on the products?

Yes. Rescence Laboratory commissions a third party, word’s leading testing body SGS, to perform quality control tests assuring product quality and safety. 


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