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User Guide to
EYE optima

  • Improve Presbyopia
  • Prevent Glaucoma
  • Combat Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Improve Vision
  • Treat Dry Eyes
  • Antioxidant
  • Safe and reliable, GMP production, quality certified by SGS
  • Unique formula backed by the latest science and clinical trials

Safeguard Your Vision to Enjoy a Long Lifespan

Combat the aging of eyes

Daily Dosage of EYE Optima by Science

EYE Optima is in capsule form as it contains multiple ingredients which are required to work synergistically with a specific dosage to optimize the benefits.

These nutrients are either often supplemented in high dosage for overall health support or sufficiently consumed via food source. EYE Optima is purposely formulated to prioritize precious, less common and above all, synergistic ingredients that yield optimum eye health and additional longevity benefits while minimizing the chance of surpassing the daily limit of these vitamins.

The ingredients used in the EYE Optima formula prove to be effective for many eye-related issues, such as:

  1. Marigold extracts for dry eyes, protection against blue light damage and overall improvement in eye health.
  2. Zinc gluconate has been proven to be effective against AMD, as an anti-inflammatory for the eyes, and reduction in dry eyes. 
  3. Billberry extract for reduction in eye pressure and fatigue, dry eyes, prevention of cataracts and glaucoma, and reduction in diabetic retinopathy.
  4. Copper gluconate has been proven beneficial for maintaining overall eye health as well as slowing down the progression of AMD.
  5. Magnesium is used for glaucoma management, a reduction in eye twitching, and to improve the visual field. 
  6. Cassiae semen extract found its use in anti-inflammatory effects, dry eye management, and vision improvement.
  7. Wolfberry extract has been researched for its uses in AMD reduction, dry eyes, an increase in the visual field, and reducing myopia.
  8. Dendrobium extract as potential antioxidant and for dry eyes and presbyopia management. 

Talking to your eye doctor about taking a supplement to safeguard your eyes from eye diseases such as AMD or cataracts would be a smart idea as there is little we can do to reverse any damage.  Consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have health issues, and follow the prescribed medication exactly. 

EYE Optima contains several essential nutrients, including the fat-soluble lutein. If you take them with a meal containing some healthy fat, such as avocado or olive oil, your body will be better able to absorb them and minimizing digestive discomfort. Since EYE Optima contains magnesium, it would render added benefits of quality sleep if the supplement is taken at night time.

Benefits of EYE Optima

Product Features

Safe and Reliable quality

36 months - Highest Stability

◻ Produced in accordance with GMP standards
◻ Quality is independently controlled by the world’s top testing company SGS

◻ Up-to 36-months expiration, the longest on the market
◻ Stable quality 

Safe and Reliable quality

◻ Produced in accordance with GMP standards
◻ Quality is independently controlled by the world’s top testing company SGS

36 months - Highest Stability

◻ Up-to 36-months expiration, the longest on the market
◻ Stable quality 


NMN customer review photo (3)

"After vigorous exercising, my muscles are surprisingly not sore!"


Usually after hiking, my thighs will definitely have muscle soreness for a few days, especially in the past two years. I have been taking pure NMN for about two months, and I have hiked twice recently, only to find that my legs are not sore at all, which is very surprising! At first I take NMN as a placebo; but now I would strongly recommend it to my relatives and friends! (Translated text)

Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Followed expert recommendation"


I saw a podcast with David Sinclair then I switched from niagen to nmn and added resveratrol. (Translated Text)

Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Lost weight!"


I asked a friend to buy NMN for me in Hong Kong just to give it a try. I took 1000 mg every day for about a month and a half. Unexpectedly, I lost weight without doing anything different! (Translated text)

Wenzhou, China

"May have helped in weight loss"


Tried resveratrol and NMN for 2 weeks, I’ve lost some weight, but maybe placebo effect, not sure. I didn’t have any health problems or energy issues, so I can’t say if there is any effect neither as I didn’t do any bf/af blood test.

Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

"I chose Rescence products based on the ingredients and product details"


After comparing Rescence to other brands, I have chosen Rescence products based on the ingredients and product details, the lack of capsules is also one reason why I chose Rescence.  Everyday I take both NMN and resveratrol together after breakfast.  I have been taking it for two weeks. I feel that I am not easily tired and my energy level is much better. I have recommended my friends to purchase the products too. I would take Rescence for the long term particularly if the price can be even cheaper.

Hong Kong

"See effects in 3 days, NMN + Resveratrol!"


I started taking NMN because due to aging, my metabolism appeared to have slowed down. The facts that I don’t exercise, I am under stress at work and I don’t eat regularly, I could feel that my body was really weak. In addition, since my three biontech vaccinations, I started feeling more fatigue, faster heartbeat, frequent dizziness and out of breath.

I started using 1 scoop of each Rescence Pure NMN 15000 and Pure Resveratrol 15000 every day over a month now. Around the 3rd day onwards, I started noticing that my heartbeat appeared normalized, no longer out of breath too. My dizziness seemed to have improvement and my physical strength is at a much better state!

For example, after getting the jabs, I couldn’t swim for further than 100 meters. Since I started taking Rescence products,  I could swim for 2,500 meters with much ease. The key is that my physical health is returned to normal. I am very satisfied with their products.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"My complexion appears to be more even"


I have been taking resveratrol and NMN (4 scoops each) since the beginning of January. Recently, I feel that my complexion seems noticeable even. In addition, I previously noticed that the bags under my eyes have changed to two layers (probably because of my age). The eye bags seem to have improved also, I will continue to take the products and see what other changes there are. (Translated text)

Yuen Long, Hong Kong

"White powder NMN and resveratrol"


Bought NMN and resveratrol as I was looking for white powder form that is not overpriced. Products were delivered 2 weeks later.

Florida, USA

Resveratrol review photo

"No capsule, good!"


I bought your NMN, it’s good that it’s not mixed in cheaper vitamins in capsules with beige powder. (Translated text)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Pure White Powdered NMN and Resveratrol"


Because there are many fake products on the market, it took me a long time to find the product that is of white powder without adding any other ingredient.

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

"SGS is trustworthy"


There are many suppliers in the market that use an unknown Micro Quality Lab for product qualification. Your quality control and product safety are SGS, a world-renowned verification company that our company used to work with, so I know that your products are relatively reliable, and I feel more assured to consume or to get for my family.

North Point, Hong Kong

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