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About Rescence

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 reverse senescence through science

At Rescence Laboratory, We Make Healthy Aging Accessible to Everyone.

The latest findings of genetic and biological researches conducted by longevity scientists have demonstrated that one’s health span and lifespan can be improved and that it is possible to reverse the senescence we once thought impossible to alter.

[ We Offer ] Nutraceutical Supplements + Longevity Science

We, at Rescence Laboratory, are dedicated to make healthy aging accessible to everyone by providing:

  • affordable, potent and safe nutraceutical supplements and
  • an informational healthy aging platform where the latest studies are shared in summary with valid and traceable links to the original publications.

[ We Value ] Quality + Safety

All our products are manufactured at a GMP facility in Hong Kong certified by independent testing body SGS.

Product batches are tested by SGS to ensure its quality and safety – without harmful heavy metals nor microbial hazards.

See the latest certifications below. 

An image used for the post resveratrol for cognitive function

Role of Resveratrol in Cognitive Function

How can you fix a sickness before symptoms show? This problem has frustrated academics and pharmaceutical firms seeking preventative medicines (prophylactics) for neurodegenerative dementia. One

An image titled NAD+, NMN, and NR for the heart health

NAD, NMN & NR for Heart Health

Chronic heart failure is associated with a frequent consequence known as myocardial metabolic dysfunction. Because of its role as a coenzyme in fuel oxidation and

An image titled NAD+ and NMN for fertility

NAD+ , NMN Supports Fertility

Female fertility declines with age. Ovarian age limits the number of eggs (ovum) and the window for their fertilizations. As women age, their capacity to